How to Make Your Kid’s Birthday Party Memorable

Many parents like to plan their kid’s birthday parties by themselves. This gives the party a sense of personal touch that no general event celebrations can duplicate. But not all parents are good at planning birthday parties. Some of you do not know where to start. And it is justifiable especially if this is not your forte. The good thing is that you have your list of things to do right here. Products that you need to get like a frozen fruit ice cream maker, a balloon maker and food to buy are all mentioned here. Read on to find out more.

How To Plan Your Childs Birthday Party

Choose the main theme of the party

The first step that you need to do is to decide on the main theme of the party. The theme will be the overarching design that your party will have throughout the event. Not thinking accurately about the theme that your kid will love can have lasting effects on the success or failure of the event.

Why is the theme important? The theme of the party is essential because this affects all of the decisions that you make for the entire event. Your room design is based on the theme. Your party hats come from the theme. Giveaways and possible gift ideas for your kid are also based on your main theme.

Plan your guest list

Invitations are quite easy nowadays. You can just create an invitation on any app and you are good to go. You can also hire someone to make an invitation for you. What matters is the number of people who will attend your party. These people will make your kid’s party memorable for him so keep that in mind.

How many guests can you accommodate in terms of venue capacity and budget? Do you like your party big or small? Will the party mainly be for kids or both adults and kids? These are the questions that you can answer to determine your guest list.

Identify your major purchases

As mentioned above, you have to make decisions based on the budget that you have set for the party. You cannot go overboard on your spending but you also want to give the best party for your child.

The only way to know what major purchases you need to do is by listing your child’s interests. Does your kid like ice cream? Then, it can be good for the party to get a frozen fruit ice cream maker. Does he love cotton candy or popcorn? If he does, then you can buy a cotton candy maker or a popcorn maker. The best thing about these purchases is that you can keep these machines after the event and you can have all the cotton candy, popcorn, and ice cream that you like!

Prepare the food

Food is very important for any event. The designs can be good and the entertainment is great but if the food is not prepared, kids will leave with an empty stomach.

To plan for this, make a list of allergies that you want to avoid for the food that you are preparing. Think also of the basic food types that kids would probably want like pizza, spaghetti, cakes, and cupcakes. Plan in advance to prevent any delays.


Every event in your child’s life is precious to you. Birthdays are particularly important because this is the day that you are given a gift that will be with you forever. This is the reason why his birthday party should be planned accordingly based on what matters to your kid. Big purchases like a frozen fruit ice cream maker or a cotton candy machine are small compared to the joy that you will bring your son or daughter. Think about what will give him joy and incorporate them into your planned birthday party.

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