Know Which Planet Responsible For Family

Family is an important part of any person’s life. A working person sacrifices a lot of things just for the family. Also, such a person tolerates a lot of things in life only to keep the family happy. A family is basically a unit that includes parents, grandparents, spouses, and kids. It even comprises the desires and expectations of the members.

A Tamil astrologer says that the Sun is considered the father. The Sun is the centre of the solar system. Also, every planet circles around it. The Sun is considered a big power in astrology. Besides representing father, it even represents self-worth, energy, and soul. On the other hand, the Moon denotes the mother. It showcases relief, harmony, and nourishment. Planet Jupiter represents the kids, and it is call Putrakaraka.

All these are the 3 major planetary bodies that denote an ideal family. Thus, we need to intensely go through these planetary bodies to know the superiority of a family.

The Sun

This planet is the ruler of the zodiac sign, Leo. Also, it is a scorching planetary body, and it loves to be at the front of the natal chart.

According to a regular zodiac wheel, the zodiac sign of Aries governs the first house, and the Sun is exalt in the Aries. As the fiery planet is in Aries, the native will get to know many things from the father. In the life of the native, the father will be a decent figure. This goodness will be incorporated if there is an affirmative aspect from other heavenly bodies, says the best astrologer in Chennai online.

If anyone has a strong Sun in the first and the second house of their natal chart, there are possibilities for the father to be an individual having great self-control.

The Moon

Planet Moon is a varying heavenly body, and it is the ruler of the zodiac sign of Cancer. It does not just denote mother, but many things associated with family, too. These things can be comforts, harmony, joy, emotions, luxuries, and nourishment. A strong Moon in a person’s natal chart depicts a very sweet, loving mom. But, all planetary bodies will have one challenge to deal with. Thus, every father, mother, or individual will have to undergo quite a few challenges.


According to the best astrologer in Chennai online, Jupiter is the most benefic planet in the zodiac, and it denotes kids. This is also a planet of happiness, too. Kids bring both luck and happiness to a person’s life. Having kids is one of the happiest feelings.

A well-positioned Jupiter is an indicator of happiness from the little ones. This planet is the ruler of Pisces and Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the favourite sign of this planet out of the two signs.

What Are The Possible Troubles Of A Bad Sun?

While the Sun is posited in Libra, irrespective of the houses results in several problems in the native’s life.

In the zodiac sign of Libra, the planet sun gets weak. Therefore, the native will naturally face problems in obtaining apt nourishment from the father. The Sun is at the front; thus, while it is pushed to the hidden houses such as the fourth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and the twelfth houses can lead to troubles in the bond with the father.

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What If The Moon Is In A Bad Position?

The Moon is, for eternity, a friendly planet to all the other heavenly bodies of the universe. However, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, and Rahu-Ketu don’t share the positive energy with the Moon. Thus, as the Moon is with these heavenly bodies, it indicates troubles for the mother. The Moon is unfortunate in Scorpio, and it gets weak. The native can sense a shortage of nourishment because of many reasons. Particularly while it is within Kemdrum Dosha, that is, while it does not have any heavenly body within the second and the twelfth house, the native will feel deserted.

What If Jupiter Is In A Bad Position?

A great number of couples lack children’s happiness. It can arise in numerous manners, like a shortage of children and stubborn children. The Planet Jupiter gets weak in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. While Jupiter is weak or retrograde, it showcases troubles from the little ones.

Every trouble can be sort with one aspect. Therefore, it’ll not be good to say witnessing just one problem and judge the dearth of contentment, too.

Astro Tips for Troubles in Family

Troubles in the family can occur with parents, husband-wife, or children. All these troubles can affect the accord of the house. Here are some astrological tips that can help in solving family-related issues:

  1. Shanti Puja for planet
  2. Celebrate festivals
  3. Install any Yantra in the house
  4. Graha Shanti Puja


For more detailed info on planets and family, connect with the most renowned astrology expert online.

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