Which places are to be visited in Delhi?

Delhi means experience if we want to describe it in one word. Exploring Delhi is both enjoyable and challenging. In this city, you get all the things which you cannot get anywhere else. Each and everything is present in this city. It helps in making career, business, government, etc. Delhi is all about life and the way how to live life and how it should be. There is history, culture, tradition, commerce, fashion, etc. everything. There are so many places which can be visited by people in Delhi. Staying in aloft new delhi aerocity will be a good idea.  

Following is the list of places that can be visited by people in the city of Delhi:

• India Gate: The height of the India gate is 42 meters. The other name of this is the All India War Memorial. This was built in the memory of the soldiers who died in the first world war. There is a black structure which is added at this place of India gate. The structure consists of an inverted rifle and a soldier’s helmet. On the external sides, four flames bound the black structure. This is called Amar Jawan Jyoti. In Indian history, India gate has a very special place. Occasions can also be celebrated at India gate. It is a very perfect place for celebration. People spend quality time with each other with their friends and family. Vendors are also present in this area which adds pleasure to it. Therefore, visiting the India Gate will be a very good experience. 

• Chandni Chowk: Chandni chowk is the most famous in Delhi. It is the oldest and most crowded area in Delhi. This place was developed by the Mughals. This area attracts tourists the most from all over the world. It is one of the most huge wholesale markets in the country. Not only dresses and clothes, but there are also other things available in the market such as spices, kitchen tools, jewelry, etc. Also, so many food shops are available there. The visit to the Chandni chowk is incomplete if you did not try the food there. Chandi Chowk can also be seen in some movies. The one who loves shopping and wants to enjoy it should visit Chandni Chowk. 

• Gurudwara Bangla Sahib: Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is one of the most popular gurudwaras in Delhi City and the whole country. The gurudwara is connected with the eighth guru of Sikhs Guru Harkrishan Ji. It was built in 1783. This beautiful gurudwara is a must-visit place for everyone. The beautiful huge golden dome on the top of the building of the gurudwara and the Nishan Sahib both help you to recognize the gurudwara even from a distance. The water present there has many properties which help in healing many diseases. Hospitals, schools, libraries, and museums are also present on the campus of the gurudwara. 

• Red Fort: Red Fort popularly is also known as the Laal Quila. This fort is a historic fort and is situated in the old part of the city. The political center of the Mughals was this Red Fort. It was the place of residence for the Mughals who ruled the city in the past. The building was made using red stones so that is why it is known as Red Fort. The beautiful architecture attracts people. The Prime Minister every year hosts the flag on independence day and also speech is delivered by him to the nation. There is also a light and sound show in the Red Fort in the evening which attracts the tourists the most. To know about the history, one should visit the Red Fort. 

• Lotus Temple: Lotus Temple is one of the most attractive places for Delhi tourists. As it is in the shape of a lotus, so it is known as the Lotus Temple. The cost of constructing the temple was almost $10 million. The temple is not only famous and attractive for its beauty and view, but also calmness, it is the house of worship. People of different religions, gender, caste, and creeds can visit the temple without any hesitation, it is open to all people. The temple has received many awards for its beauty. The main attraction is its architecture which attracts the tourists the most and people come to visit this beautiful temple and then appreciate its beauty. To enjoy the beauty and to be calm and peaceful, one must visit the Lotus Temple. 

• Akshardham Temple: Akshardham Temple is one of the most important cultural and religious places in Delhi. The construction of the temple was done by the BAPS. It was inaugurated by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Out of the total tourist attractions, seventy percent of the tourists are attracted to this Akshardham Temple. In the temple, some exhibition halls are created to display the design and technology. There is also a water show, garden, boat, etc. in the temple. The architecture of the temple makes it attractive. 

• Qutab Minar: The spellings of the Qutab might differ, but its beauty has been always the same in the past. The building is 73 meters tall. It consists of five floors. The building was built by Qutab Ud-din Aibak by drawing inspiration from another building that is present in Afghanistan. Around the Minar, there are some other places also, like the mosque, pillar, etc. The architecture has been inspired by the Afghanistan building. So many carvings are there on the Minar. Visiting the place will be a worth visit. 

• Humayun’s Tomb: The Mughal Emperor Humayun, has a tomb known as the Humayun’s Tomb. This tomb is the first garden tomb. The tomb consists of the grave of not only Emperor Humayun but also the graves of his wives and son. The building consists of great Mughal architecture. The garden which is there along with the tomb acts as an area for rest for the visitors. The outer look of the Humayun’s Tomb is not so attractive, it’s simple but the dome is a special kind of attraction. One must visit the Humayun’s Tomb when you visit Delhi. 

One must visit all the above mention places whenever visiting Delhi. Hence, to have a great experience, staying in aloft new delhi aerocity will be a good idea.  

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