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5 Corporate Logos From Reputable Companies Of 2022

What comes first, a logo or a brand?

Without a logo, a brand is nothing, so it is clear that before launching a brand, companies make their logo designs to give their brand a symbol that identifies it in the market. A logo is like the face of a business. A first impression makes a company’s reputation in the customers’ minds. While it is a greeting welcoming the audience towards any a business. This seems that logos are extremely important for any business, representing its core values, personality, mission, vision, and prospects to the audience. It means that logos are important for reputable companies, but small or mid-size corporations also need corporate logos to identify themselves in the market.

Logos are generally of three types: iconic, logotype, and a combination of both. Iconic logos use simple images or icons to represent a company, While the logotype uses stylized texts and customized fonts representing brand names. Whereas combination logos are a mixture of iconic images and logotypes. In simple words, we can say that there are endless choices for businesses to create or revamp their logo designs. But it depends on what suits their business best or which logo design type will perfectly work with their services.

There is a question that always arises what makes a famous logo design?

Here we have tried to answer this question by rounding up some of the famous companies’ logo designs. These companies’ logos have raised the bar with attractive, unique, and appealing designs. Let’s see why their logo designs have been successful and recognized by people.

Famous Corporate Logos That Businesses Must Look At

Nike has Swoosh, Starbucks has Siren, Android has Robot, and Mercedes-Benz has a Star to show in their corporate logos. What do you have to show in your logo design? Think of it.


One of the most recognizable logo designs has to be Walmart. The company is a famous supermarket offering everything you need. If we look at its corporate logo design, it has many things that could impress customers at first sight. Walmart’s logo symbolizes the spark, inspiration, and great ideas of its owner Sam Walton. Though its logo is categorized into logotypes, expressing various insights with its shape, color, and fonts.

The logo’s shape signifies the friendliness and organic nature of Walmart, while the combination of blue and yellow expresses a commitment to high-quality services and passion for serving the best to customers. Moreover, the lowercase fonts depicted simplicity and roundedness, suggesting transparency. Walmart is famous for its best logo design and services with these qualities.


Apple’s iconic logo has a different story to tell people. We all know that Apple is a famous software and hardware company known for its high-quality products. Apple’s mobile phones and software applications are popular all over the world. If we talk about its logo, its logo design follows the minimalistic design approach, which was completed with Rob Janoff’s help. However, the designer of Apple’s logo gave the old Newton logo a modern spin and turned it into an iconic design. Now we see its logo as a bitten Apple. The logo denotes the spread of knowledge through computers. Whereas the apple bite is a metaphor for consumers getting knowledge from using its products. Thus, we can say that it is a great way to add interest to a minimalistic logo.


Nothing can be better than representing Target with the actual target, isn’t it? This is what makes Target stand among the companies with great corporate logos. Target is a famous retail company known as a big-box departmental store. The company has everything that people need in their daily routine to meet their needs. Besides its services, Target is known for its striking logo design. Its logo has a simple design with strong use of red color. While impressive minimalistic logo design is what attracts its customers. The logo consists of a circle-within-a-circle that communicates universally, whereas the negative space between the circles creates an image of trust and strength. The overall brand message conveyed in the logo design is friendship, endurance, and community, and that’s important for Target to impress its customers.


A timely flat design and a custom-made font are the two main ingredients of Google’s logo design. In 2015, Google launched its logo with a new typeface that exhibits modernity with its simple and colorful design. Like Apple, Google has shown its potential in its logo as how they are accessible to the masses. Though the colors used in its logo design are very important, showing the company’s prospects and ambition. The letter ‘l’ in the logo has a green color that says they do not have to follow the rules, which exhibits how innovative they are, while the letter-spacing shows how Google moves users through its interface. Additionally, the negative spaces signify how the company is leading the market.


FedEx is a famous multinational conglomerate holding company known for transporting and shipping goods. The company is an air delivery service that offers overnight delivery services all over the world. Besides FedEx’s services, its logo design is another great thing that adds value to its reputation. The use of bright colors and a hidden white arrow are what make its logo. The logo is a wordmark with a combination of purple and orange color. While the space between the letter E and X has a white arrow inside. The arrows show speed, movement, and precision, that’s very important for this delivery and logistic brand.

Being a delivery service, FedEx shows its multiple arms with clever use of colors. However, the purple color of Fed remains the same, while the Ex portion changes with the products and services. Moreover, the actual color of purple and orange in the logo design expresses the bulk of purchases. How cool it looks, isn’t it?


The above-mentioned corporate logos are some of the world’s famous logo designs. These logo designs are considered the most successful logo designs recognized by the audience. While these logo designs reflect a clear image of their companies and make them stand out in the market. Moreover, these corporate logo design has built trust with their appealing designs and made people stick for the long term.

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