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(Z)Top 25 Blog Posts About Lead Generation

Lead generation is all about transforming the leads you have into potential clients for your business. It entails a number of different activities, including advertising, generating leads, and follow-up tactics. If you’ve been looking for a smart way to get more customers, then lead generation might be what you’re looking for. We’ve assembled a list of our top blog posts about lead generation. You will find diverse advice from different parts of the country and some great advice from seasoned experts who have been in the industry for years. Take a look at these blog posts and see which one interests you most. And SubscriberZ provides you with a Risk-Free audience from Social Media.

There are millions of blog posts about lead generation on the internet, but these are the top 25 posts that can help you learn!

When I Googled “Lead Generation” millions of results popped up on my screen. To say it can be a little overwhelming is an understatement, and that is why I have decided to make finding quality articles about lead generation easier on us all. These are not ranked in order of greatness, as each one covers a different aspect of lead generation; so don’t let the numbers affect your opinion. “Why are they in descending order then?” Because sometime somewhere I read an article that said descending lists were more fun to read. So let’s get started!


25. Why Lead Generation Is Like NFL Football 

If you are a person who understands things better when explained in sports metaphors, this article is for you. The author pulls you in with humor and football and then leaves you with some genuinely valuable advice.

Best Quote: “Even if you have gotten good results from exciting, high-reward tactics like social media, SEO, or search engine marketing, it still pays to have a good “ground game” of unflashy standby tactics like cold calling and in-person networking.”


24. Dos and Don’ts of Effective Lead Generation

Put together by Marketo, this article takes the advice of marketing experts to create a very valuable “dos and don’ts” list. Bonus- the list is written well and won’t put you to sleep.

Best Quote: “Build your list with traditional marketing. Lure folks in by being significant. Invite them to stay in touch. Poof. You have a direct marketing list.”

dos and dontsSource

23. 5 Time Saving Lead Generation Tips

Did anyone watch that Justin Timberlake movie about time? It was called In Time, and it was about a society where time was for sale, which meant the rich people could live forever. We don’t have the luxury of buying time, so we have to create ways to save it instead. This article gives unique ways to save time while generating leads. Plus it doesn’t take that much time to read.

Best Quote: “A strong first impression is critical to success when forgoing the benefits of a long-term conversation and engagement with a content-driven approach.”


22. Why Your Content Is Sabotaging Your Lead Generation

We don’t often want to look at our own failures as reasons why we are not succeeding because it’s not as fun as blaming failure on anything and everyone else. This article walks through how content is important when generating leads; it covers the common mistakes and gives practical solutions for holes in your content.

Best Quote: “As you fill the content gaps in your lead-generation campaigns, you will see notable improvements in click-through rate, conversion rate, and cost per lead, and those gains can be quite substantial.”



 21. 9 Pieces of Wisdom to Get Your Lead Machine Running at Top Speed

The author manages to have a hilarious voice while talking about business concepts, and as we all know, that is quite an accomplishment.

Best Quote: “Pay attention to what makes your workplace different and use it. Those quirky board meetings may be just what potential leads need to take the plunge.”


20. The 4 L’s of a Successful Lead Generation Strategy

Real readers revel in alliteration, right? Okay, so my skills are a bit rusty, but the message still holds true.

Best Quote: “Your audience no longer wants their attention bought–they want it earned.”

Success in progressSource

19. Leveraging Social Media for Lead Generation

I am sure you have never heard the term “social media” thrown around, that is okay, this article is here to save the day. The author goes over the basic social media platforms, and how you should be using them to generate leads.

Best Quote: “Social media isn’t any different than your website, collateral or a sales package. Your brand image and message should be clear.”


18. How Top Marketers Do Lead Generation

If you are a B2B marketer looking for some solid lead generation advice, you have come to the right web page. This article uses data collected at Forrester to break down what the best marketers in the world do to generate quality leads.

Best Quote: “Top performers have proactively embraced the reality that today’s buyers are empowered and willing to begin their purchase process early via search engines, social networks, and other digital venues.”

on topSource

17. 5 Little Lead Generation Experiments You Can Run Right Now

When I was a kid,  I really wanted that movie experience where you blew something up in school. I would picture myself in science class mixing chemicals and then BOOM my beaker explodes and we all get to go home. I don’t think that these experiments will explode and make your mom come pick you up from work, but they might actually help you generate leads.

Best Quote:”The good news is that there are lots of things you can do to generate leads without breaking the bank or working every single weekend.”


16. Lead Generation with Facebook Ads – The Definitive Guide

If you were wondering, yes, Facebook is still around; and it can still be a highly sucessful source of brand recognition and lead generation. This article also goes over some examples of non-boring lead magnets, which is a cool bonus.

Best Quote: “Targeting a very specific niche of users or a very specific problem is the key for success. The more specific you are, the easier it will be to drive traffic to your lead magnet through Facebook Advertising.”



15. 6 Lead Generation Strategies from Fast-Growing Startups

Bein’ a start up ain’t easy. Our big goals need guidance, and that is exactly this article provides.

Best Quote: “Get the opt-in box out of the sidebar and make a pop-up. Force users to make a decision. Do you want this or not?”



14. 40 Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies

So we have been together on this lead generation journey for many an article; it has been quite a ride, but it is not over yet. The title of this article does say real estate, but all of these strategies could be used by any type of company, so have no fear and click that link.

Best Quote: “Use a blog on your website not to sell yourself but to provide information.”

real estate


13. 4 Ways to Use SlideShare for Lead Generation

If you woke up wondering “How can I use Slideshare more effectively?” This article is here to answer that burning question. Bonus: if you are sick of reading articles (I may or may not be guilty of this) this one has an audio version. Yay for not having to read words!

Best Quote: To capture the most leads, upload content to SlideShare on a regular basis and make sure your lead form shows on your download.



12. 5 Common Lead Generation Myths Busted

Lead busters! That is my quippy line for this article. It is easy to get caught up in the logistics of lead generation; this article makes sure that you are not letting myths set you back.

Best Quote: “According to the Content Marketing Institute, 91% of B2B content marketers say lead generation is the biggest goal of their content marketing.”



11. 15 Easy to Create Lead Generation Magnets for Attracting Prospects

I smell a theme. When attracting leads we want easy, fast, and effective. This article will help take care of the easy part. Although, easy, it would be argued, is relative.

Best Quote: “When creating your lead generation magnet, be sure that you are creating information based on the market that you are targeting.”



10. 13 Free Online Lead Generation Tactics

I forgot about free! So this article may seem a bit confusing at first, but definitely stick with it because there are some really good lead generation “hacks” in there. And they are all 100% certified FREE.

Best Quote: “For people to give up their information (and become leads) the value of your offer must outweigh what they’re giving up.”



9. 20 Lessons For Turbocharged B2B Lead Generation

Any article with the word “turbocharged” in the title gets me all excited inside. It makes me picture a race car revving it’s engines; I won’t lie, the car in my head is Lighting McQueen from Cars, he was so freaking cool. This is fast lead generation advice with furious purpose.

Best Quote:  “Investing budget in the right resources for your team is essential if you want to boost your lead generation strategy.”



8.  Are You Staying Apace With Lead Generation In 2015?

The question is constantly hounding our brains: “Am I relevant?” It isn’t enough to stick with the old methods of lead generation; it is 2015 and technology is gold. This article give a good overview of what this means and how you can use it to your business’s advantage.

Best Quote: “The most successful such campaigns are developed as an integrated set of processes comprising list acquisition, database management and segmentation, email, social media, phone, call flows and detailed reporting and CRM integration.”



7. 32 Clever Lead Generation Ideas For Your Next Marketing Campaign

Backed with real stats and evidence, this article hands over over thirty ridiculously straight forward methods of lead generation.

Best Quote: “A steady stream of leads is an essential component of keeping a business afloat.”



6. How to Write Blog Posts That Generate Leads

By hyperfocusing your content you can generate quality leads that actually make you money; read this article if you want to know how that is actually possible.

Best Quote: “With lead generation, most blogs go for quantity. You shouldn’t do that as quantity is overrated. “



5. 5 Types of Videos to Help With Lead Generation

Video creation is underrated in the business world. It is a medium that is still being explored and improved upon. Videos may be the missing aspect of your lead generation machine.

Best Quote: “With its ability to visually present promotional messages, high-level concepts, success stories and more, online video has become a staple of B2B marketing and ultimately an invaluable tool for lead generation.”



4. 63 Lead Generation Strategies

Who doesn’t appreciate a super long list of ways to make money?

Best Quote: “By bridging the gaps in your knowledge we can show you how to get the most out of any of these approaches, no matter how large or small your business.”



3. The Ten Commandments of an Awesome Lead-Generating Website

This is the only article that is directed specifically towards building a successful website in regards to lead generation, and that is because it is the best article to do the job.

Best Quote: “Your leads are only as good as the website that produces them.”



2. 30 Techniques to Capture More Leads From Your Website (Free Options Only)

To the point. Valuable information. Won’t make you want to fall into a coma.

Best Quote: “The ever-elusive lead, chased by all web marketers with varying ranges of success. When the old methods get tired, here are a few more to try.”



1. The 4 Pillars of Lead Quality

The quality vs. quantity debate is pretty heated in regards to lead generation. Most people would agree that quality trumps quantity, but if you still need convincing, this article is for you.

Best Quote: “Lead generation is never a one time event. It is an ongoing process optimized for meeting the requirements and expectations of your sales team.”

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